My name is Morten Langkilde. I was born in Hvidovre, Denmark in 1969. When I'm not writing/playing/recording/releasing music I'm a librarian and an avid reader of comics.
More about that at mortenlangkilde.dk

Contact and links:
email: umpff (at) hotmail (dot) com
my Facebook
my LinkedIn
my twitter: @therealumpff
my Soundcloud

My record label (and book publishing company):
Mabel The Label on Facebook
Mabel The Label on Youtube
Mabel The Label on soundcloud
- Proud publishers of digital music and e-books.

Terminal Argh is Nana Schwartzlose and I. We've worked together on/off since 2007 with our first album released in 2013. Check the tab above for links to releaes, videoes and some cool reviews. We have a homepage with all the latest news, a Facebook-page, and an Instagram-account. More about Nana on her site

Kidde goes Umpff. The words of the late great Rune T. Kidde, on top of my productions. Played and recorded with the help of Timo Vuoppola + guests Trine Gry, Thomas Edinger, Thomas Melau, Chr. Søgaard og Fuzzy. Album released in 2013 by Forlaget Afart. Kidde Goes Umpff on Facebook

Urbex - Urban Exploration (photo-book) site. Everything you need to know about the underground.
Homepage is at urbex.abandon.dk and there's a Facebook too.

All my latest music is on Spotify, iTunes, and the lot. Older stuff can be found on soundcloud.com/umpff, soundcloud.com/locobrigida and soundcloud.com/mabelthelabel

Partners in crime:
Jah Bozo aka Jon Anderson - my Mabel The Label co-executive, as well as partner in crime on albums with Le Duc and Konfirmander med kontanter. Formerly with Banzai Republic, JB is the king of dubbed-out craziness, and he's always up for doing a video, a remix, or whatever. Jah Bozo's site

Timo Vuoppola - definitely a partner in crime too. Timo's been involved in many of my projects, Locobrigida (as guitarist and drummer) and Kidde goes Umpff (as composer, guitarist, drummer, keyboard-player and bassist), and Terminal Argh (as drummer) being the latest of them. Timo has an amazing ability to hear the sounds that are in my brain, and he can play them too. Timo's site

Tim Harris - bat-ears, excellent communication, real nice guy. Tim does the mastering of everything I send out into the general public. Contact Tim at Headway productions

Carl Mörner - a swedish guitarist, who's style of playing fits Locobrigida like a glow. Carl Mörner's site

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