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Terminal Argh - Høxbroe Umpff - The Superions - Rune T. Kidde - Mashup

- LATEST: 'Smedens hus' by Høxbroe Umpff is playlisted by P4 (Danish Broadcasting Corporation). Yay!

- Re-joined forces with the talented Nana Schwartzlose after a 2 year break, now we're Terminal Argh (love that name!) and we're just about ready to launch our first single 'Copenhagen'. Photo/video-shoot with Jan Emil Christiansen on the forthcoming thursday, mixing the track (almost) while writing this.

- The Høxbroe Umpff-album of spoken word/beats is released Nov. 1 2011. But already you can pre-order the CD via the very secure Paypal and have it brought to your mailbox/doorstep on day of release. Videos to accompany the release are in the making, you can be in one - that could be fun!

So far 3 tracks off 'Beat' (including a remix by Laid Back) have gone public, have a listen in the player to the right.

- Did another mashup as Locobrigida, I have NO commercial interest in this, it's just a bit of fun - check it here if you care:
The Superions VS Rod Stewart VS Locobrigida: Batbaby (Tonight I'm Yours) BOOTLEG by locobrigida

- The Superions' (with The B52s frontman Fred Schneider) 'Batbaby EP' is out on iTunes and AmazonMP3 and ready to be a halloween-hit - I have 2 remixes on this. One of them is right there to the right (no, the "other" right) and both are in the Superions-tab above...

- In the finishing stages of recording the album for the (yet un-named) project with writer/poet Rune T. Kidde - coming week will see me recording Rune, a harmonica, a flute, and backing-vocals by Trine Gry. So far we have released one track: 'Munkejazz at Jarmes Plads' - video by Maja Vind:


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