We danced the 00's away

The reaction to the grunge's manic depression came fast. Rock was (once again) declared dead and a fresh new electronic sound started to come out of Bristol. The next couple of years had it's focus on dance-factor and a glimpse in the eye. I loved most of it, as long as it wasn't to Ibiza-influenced. It made me review my perspective on creating and playing music.

Deep down Lucy Pearl is pure soul/R&B, or thats definitely their roots, but at the same time they add a touch of european (British!) music-tradition to their sound - and that combination hit me straight between the eyes, I love that record! Potent, sexy, fun and danceable, and totally free from that layer of sugar-packed frosting that soul had been covered by since the early 80's. Lucy Pearl made me go back in time and discover a.o. Marvin Gaye. Thanks Lucy!

The fire of this second electronic revolution and, in this matter, Lucy Pearl, still burns. Dance-music doesn't have to be stupid, metal doesn't
have to be evil, it's quite ok to sample drummers and you can sing about whatever you want - the feeling of plenty of space for all sounds and ideas is still real. BTW: forget about the crises of the record industry, who needs them? If the music is good enough it will reach the world...

My ambition was to rework "Dance Tonight" into a groove with the sole purpose of being a firm back-up to the massive vocal-track. But due to it's sheer display of power and life it's a thankful job to be the beatmeister under that. Various beats are turned on and off topped by a trad. handplayed rather clean bass. As a synth-lead and general puncher I've added a sample from "Chequered Love" by Kim Wilde (mmm Kim Wilde, love of my early youth) - and the 80's-style hero-guitar is once again by Carl from Sweden, Locobrigida is happy...

Locobrigida VS Lucy Pearl & Kim Wilde: Dance Tonight (reworking) by locobrigida


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