The smell of angry 90's-youth

The first time I saw Nirvana on MTV I was blown away. A couple of years earlier I had dug deep into the back-catalogues of The Who, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, and the timing of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, whose sound definitely was an updated version of the big British 3's work of the 70's, was perfect, actually it had to happen... the world was ready for great hooks, dressed in screams, noize and anger. We were a lot of young surburbian grown-ups that took to the grunge's flannel-shirts and manic depression like fish to water.

Come on, my friends and I were all in our early 20's, straight from solid upbringing by solid families in solid homes, working or studying for an education, and with no (big) worries in our lives. We were mad at everything and frustrated by the rest, and had a rap-metal-band called Porn'Shop, were we could play heavy riffs on a funky groove while rapping about all that police-violence - that we'd seen on tv (from the US)...

The grunge was good for nothing but the ears, the manic depression of the age didn't do any of us any good - but the music was ace, or some of it was anyway. I still love "Smells Like Teen Spirit", though it's been plyed so many times, everywhere, that I had to try to come up with another angle to the song.

What if Kurt Cobain had listened to Chic? Would he be alive today (or would he have killed himself earlier...).. My idea was to give the early 90's-attitude a kick in it's metal ass, make it more "here comes Johnny", in favour of the originals whining vibe. The original vocal-track of Kurt was played through an overdrived amplifier, and I've added some German-foot, a rockgroove a la Phil Collins and (yet another) disco-bass. Rounding it up is a sample from the fantastic Teddybears' "Devil's Music", working as the basic theme for the track. And as usual, it's Carl from Sweden on that authentic 80's style hardrock guitar that makes Locobrigida happy.

Locobrigida VS Nirvana & Teddybears: Smells Like Teen Spirit (reworking) by locobrigida


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