A nice day to start again in the 80's

Billy Idol was cool when I was 13 years old. He had the sneer (coolest thing ever!), white spiky hair, leather pants and studs, a handful of great commercial rockers featuring plenty of flashy guitars and memorable hook-lines - and babe-packed videos on MTV. "White Wedding" was his biggest hit (that or "Rebel yell") and many were the times where I stood, tennis-racket in hand, in front of the mirror trying to emulate the sneer and the attitude. It was a battle to be lost, though having my stereo turned up to 11 did sort of help.
Billy and his team read the times well. The girls could dance to this and the boys could head-bang and play air-guitar, what a perfect combination when you're 13 and have ants in your pants...

Billy Idol was the prototype of an 80's he-man. Today we (that's me and everyone I know) laugh at those videos: pants high up in the armpits, over-the-top-attitude and bad taste all over the place, but in my book "White Wedding" is a classic hit, and the line "it's a nice day to start again" will always remain a good wake-up-call in times of trouble - that's why Locobrigida had a go at mashing this one up.

In an effort to update this to presents times, I decided to try to make Billy's vocal-track vulnerable, as oppose to the originals "get out of the way"-attitude. It's a good help that Billy sound a little bit out of tune on this. Perfect pitch is not a must, out of tune is definitely a statement too.

The guitar-intro to Duran Duran's "Come Undone" was a perfect match to the chorus of "White Wedding" - it needed no time-stretch or anything to fit - and with reggae-ish beat'n'bass and a little bit of synths plus the sparse backwards guitar and degenerated brushed from Timo in Finland, this mashup has ended up being the most see-through track ever done by Locobrigida.

Back to the 80's - now with a whining underplayed 90's attitude.

Locobrigida VS Billy Idol & Duran Duran: White Wedding (reworking) by locobrigida


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