Mashup - grand theft or music-cut ups?

I've just finished "VS" a mashup-EP for my "band" Locobrigida using the vocals from original tracks by Deep Purple, Billy Idol, Nirvana and Lucy Pearl.

According to Wikipedia, mashup is the overall definition of a piece of music, made from elements of 2 or more original releases, into a new piece of music - nothing new there, sampling of well-known bits have been done for 30 years now, and the word "mashup" isn't that new at all, but the increasing use of un-authorized channels for streaming and downloading music has made mashups easier to distribute and thereby easier to find if you aren't there, in the clubs, high on life or worse, dancing away into monday morning.
I don't care about the scenes, the "real" and the "wanabees" - hail hail rock'n'roll to those who do music, instead of just talking about it.

I like the spirit of mashup. No holy cows and plenty of room to bring a new angel or perspective to something already well-known (and possibly pre-conceived?). This has been done in literature and painted arts for decades, and hasn't hit music in the same way, well not until recently. Wonder what it will evolve into in the coming years.

My mashups comes from love and dedication of the original - but it doesn't have to be that way, I've heard plenty of stuff out there that didn't have any of those virtues but still were great - but these are songs that I grew up on and grew with, and they still feature on my inner playlist, so I had to treat them with some kind of respect.

There is no commercial interest in doing these tracks. My ambition was to have some fun during my xmas-vacation from work, and that I had! Normally I write a lot of songs for Locobrigida and other projects, but this time it was a treat to work with tracks that already have proved their worth. These are classic lasting songs, and that fact allowed me to interpret with a free mind.

It just a bit of fun, enjoy!

Locobrigida : VS. The Mashup EP by locobrigida

Locobrigida at youtube

See earlier blogs for ramblings about the four tracks on Locobrigida's "VS. The Mashup EP"


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