Deep purple smoke in the 70's

I was a kid in the 70's, 3 years old when Deep Purple released "Smoke on the Water" in 1972 - a song widely know for it's signature guitar-riff.
Close your eyes and I'm sure you can hear it in your head...

For me the 70's were about Tintin, Lego, Abba, matchbox cars, badminton & frisbees. The time when "Smoke on the Water" was released, I only remember from books and Wikipedia, thus no point in dealing out personal experiences like "I hurt my knee" or "I played hide and seek with that cute girl next door".

I guess all guitarists have had a go at "Smoke on the Water" at one point or another, making that memorable riff almost unlistenable for the ears of today, as it's been played to death. Guitar-shops hang up signs with "NO Smoke on the Water" (that or "NO Stairway to Heaven"), but in my book it's still a killer song, so I decided to have Locobrigida have a go at mashing it up, make a bastard out of it so to speak. No use, what-so-ever, of the original riff, was the only rule for this track.

Long live the internet! Thanx to google for letting me find the original (and separated) vocal-track to build upon. Nice having the illusion of Ian Gillan letting rip in my living-room.

I've listened to a lot of Hall & Oates lately, so the basic groove is classic uptempo Motown, spiced up with a discobeat and a real live bass drenched in echo. Half-tempo-drums and harmonicsguitar by Timo in Finland, and the fastest swedish fingers in Copenhagen, Carl, on authentic 80's-style hardrock leadguitar.

Locobrigida's time-machine has run amok, stuck in "random"- or worse - but hopefully you can see the glimpse in her eye on top of all the noize.

Locobrigida VS Deep Purple : Smoke on the Water (reworking) by locobrigida


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